Friday, September 3, 2010


Life Ring, Wyandotte, MI

I always wince a bit every time I hear an account of a doctor or some brave citizen “saving someone’s life” on the nightly newscast. Not that there’s anything wrong with such a noble and sometimes brave act. And Jesus performed many such miracles in his short three year ministry in the Galilee area. A few of those that were recorded actually related to instances where he brought people back from the dead. We’ve even named the inflated tubes on ships that are tossed into the sea to keep a man overboard from drowning as “life savers”. Modern medical technology can now bring patients back from clinical death and they relate stories of an intense white light through a long tunnel and a sense of absolute peace. Most are reluctant to return from these out of body experiences. But consider that all of these people, including those Jesus brought back from certain death, eventually did or will die and their bodies will return to the dust of this earth. So, how does anybody think that anybody can really save a life?

I guess most of these folks are saved for a while. But in truth and at best, their lives are extended for a bit longer. That’s it. Nobody gets out alive. In our youth oriented society, we have the illusion that we all will indeed just keep on keeping on. Like the guy who stated, “I plan to live forever! So far, so good”. Of course, we’ve all been given life to live to the fullest. And we should! Too many folks waste too much of the time they’ve been given by dwelling on the inevitable. But the clock of life is wound but once and no one knows the hour it will stop. So, we really should pause and be still on occasion to consider our life’s course and purpose. All tail wagging animals fortunately have no clue that their life will not go on forever. May flies and Day Lilies have one day to live—that’s it! Living in the moment is a good thing, but we should also learn from the past and plan for the future. We human beings are the only creatures on the planet that have the benefit of a developed frontal lobe that enables us to ponder the future—and our mortality. Another human doctor or total stranger may extend our mortal life, but only One can save it and only each of us individually can achieve immortal life by acknowledging and accepting His priceless gift of grace and forgiveness.

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