Saturday, August 7, 2010


Wolf Creek Barn, Door Slider, Spider Web, Worn Saddle

The old weathered barn has withstood many Kansas seasons of temperature and moisture extremes. It has stood resolute where it was built for the homesteaders who toiled inside her. The rusting door hinge had ran back and forth across its rail at all times of the day to permit implements and men to tend the land and in the day's last light to once again seek shelter from the harsh elements. Now the spider has laid claim to the opening and his turf is uncontested. Unsuspecting flying insects now become its prey as they seek security. The old dried leather saddle now only carries dust particles instead of the adventurous children's romps across the prairie grasses. It's riderless image is a silent reminder of the lively family that once carved out an existence on these sweeping midwestern plains.

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