Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yellow Brick Road, Central Kansas
Barbed Wire Skies, Central Kansas
Prairie Thunderhead, Central Kansas

The grandeur of Kansas skies can be absolutely awesome! And nothing compares to the Rocky Mountain high of building thunderheads over the panoramic prairie grasses on a hot and humid late afternoon in July. The Gulf moisture riding on southern winds collides and churns with the cooler air drifting down from the Canadian north. Then the artistry begins to rapidly reveal itself in a completely random and grand scale across what only minutes earlier had been a vast blank canvas of clear blue Kansas sky.

The experience might be likened to watching an atomic bomb exploding into a large mushroom cloud of radioactive dust in the distance. And then helplessly waiting as the destructive shock waves rapidly approach as the sky grows dark and ominous. Violent streaks of lightning scar the sky and meanacing rumbles of thunder mark your distance from the onslot as it descends upon you with all the fury of nature unleashed.

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