Friday, February 26, 2010


Day Lily & Bee--Jamestown, NC

When you think about it, isn’t everything we confront in life some kind of miracle? The blooming of a flower, the extraordinary way all the major systems of our body function for us, the birth of a child, the self healing of a razor cut, the creation of a new day, the infinite variety of snowflakes, etc. All that transpires can only be the creation of a divine mind from where I sit. But is God in constant control of every moment, every event, and every action? It’s been said that God is love. We only have to look to the cross to see how that was revealed to us. And it is very obvious to us all that we have been given the free will to choose how we will react to a myriad of turns in life’s pathways each and every day of our lives.

I very much like what I read in James Howell’s book on The Will of God that God is in control “long term, eventually; big picture, yes. But day in and day out, no, God does not control things that happen, or you and me. At times I do God’s will, but often I do not, and you don’t either. God chooses not to determine everything: Love does not insist on its own way”. We live in a broken world that won’t be restored like our spiritual bodies until the creation of a new earth and a new heaven.

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