Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Morning Solitude, Jamestown, NC

Every season has its special moments. The colorful turning leaves of fall are glorious, the stark whiteness of a fresh blanket of snow brightens our winters and the new growth and promise of spring is always bursting with optimism. And of course, mid-summer displays the fullness of nature at its mature best.

The dawn of a new summertime day this morning was one of those career moments in life. The overnight temperature remained in the seventies and a light breeze stirred the shimmering leaves in the trees. I quietly slipped outside at first light and turned on the backyard sprinkler. A fresh batch of rose blooms were opening their petals to greet the sun’s rays. Song birds and cicadas were welcoming one another and raising their melodies in rhythm with the oscillating sprinkler in praise of their Creator. The fresh water droplets gathering in the tree branches invigorated their spirits and small bodies as a summer dry spell lingered. The rainbow spray attracted more birds and satiated the parched green grasses to new life.

I gathered up the morning newspaper that had been deposited overnight in the driveway as another K-Cup was filtering a warm cup of coffee. Then I settled into a patio chair and simply soaked it all in. This was truly one of those present moments in life that I like to characterize as being "in the eye of the hurricane".

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