Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Dead Sea, Israel
Dead Sea Float, Israel

The Dead Sea is a salt lake that is ten times more salty than the oceans, so no life can exist there. Therefore, it would seem that it is more of a lifeless lake than a dead sea. At 1,400 feet below sea level at its surface it is the Earth's lowest elevation on land. Ironically, people use its salt and minerals to create and use cosmetics and it has some healing powers. We actually ran across a complete line of Dead Sea mineral cosmetics in Jericho. You can see the clear water from the Jordan River entering in the center of this photo and the more dense waters on the perimeters along with a Jordanian city on the hazy eastern shore.

We were advised prior to our journey to this Holy Land that floating in the Dead Sea was quite probably on the bucket list of many folks these days. However, due to the composition of the water it would be advisable to bring along a swim suit that you no longer had any attachment to keep. It would simply be easier to jump in, once you get past the muddy footing, and then upon retreating simply abandon the suit. I had also read that it was imperative to keep the water out of your eyes due to extreme irritation. When we arrived at the Dead Sea it was closed for swimming, but a few brave souls jumped in and briefly floated on its surface. Needless to say, I remained on the shoreline and took a few photographs. People say I’m salty enough anyway.

Zechariah prophesized that “living waters will go out from Jerusalem, half of them to the eastern sea (the Dead Sea) and half to the western sea (the Mediterranean Sea)". It would seem that during the end times, this lifeless lake will also be restored to its original creation and abundant new life as a new heaven and earth are created!

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