Saturday, January 3, 2015


Intercoastal Channel, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Physical channels like the beds where natural streams of water are directed facilitate the delivery of life-giving water all over our planet. Power lines facilitate the delivery of energy in the form of electricity to power all sorts of devices in our lives. The Internet is a wonderful example of networks channeling information and ideas around the world.

Physicians are excellent examples of human beings that channel God’s healing power to others. Surgeons who have witnessed countless miracles of healing understand that they bandage the wounds but God heals them. In ancient times a small cut or wound could easily be terminal once it became infectious. Today, we’ve been given the miracle of antibiotics and new medical practices that are now so commonplace that we don’t even think twice about the miracle of healing that takes place within our own bodies. There’s no telling how many second chances at life we’ve already experienced.

When folks decry the perceived absence of God in their daily lives or the suffering of others, many cry out for God to do something. But in most cases he has done something—he created you and me. We too can become channels of resources, energy, compassion and grace. We manifest and channel God’s grace when we work to heal broken bodies and spirits, making a difference in other lives.

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