Tuesday, December 23, 2014


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Searching after truth is one of our most important pursuits in life. But where to start and what to do with it if it is found? We learn many things as we go along in life—some that ring true and others that may seem true at the time, or so we’d like to think, but that later turn on us. The babe born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago is the foundation of all truth. Our Creator and Sustainer of all things was delivered by a young teenager and walked among us as a man so that he could deliver us. He taught us great truths, making certain that we were paying attention by prefacing many of his sayings with the phrase, “I tell you the truth”. He even specifically told us that “I am the way, the truth and the life”. The wise men that sought out the young child by studying the heavens were among the first to recognize that a special being had arrived in the world to light the way to truth and life.

The Biblical book of Proverbs is a collection of wise sayings primarily shared by Solomon, a man after God’s heart, so that we can apply truth in our lives. The little child of Bethlehem significantly added to our understanding of eternal truth as he transitioned into a wise teacher. Job’s “friend” Elihu recognized that God is the source of real wisdom and truth, but he didn’t use it to help Job. Acquiring truth is a life-long pursuit, but not the ultimate goal. Truth must take root in mankind’s heart and bear the fruit of a life well lived in order to reap the full harvest of the search.

And as Isaiah prophesied over 700 years before the child was born, “he will be called Wonderful Counselor”!

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