Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Spirit Flame, Jamestown, NC

In Euclidean geometry, the equilateral triangle has all three sides equal with all three internal angles equal and congruent to each other. Among all the world’s religions, Christianity is the only faith that teaches that God is one being that exists as three; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each being in this Trinity delights in and glorifies the other. This Triumvirate has related to each other for all eternity and was introduced at Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River when all three were present. Adam Hamilton writes that “Jesus was declaring that he was the Son of Man, God was declaring that he was the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit descended (in the form of a dove) to give power for the ministry ahead”.

The Holy Spirit was made available at Pentecost (in the form of wind-blown flames) to all who accepted Jesus. We receive Jesus at our baptism and we receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus. John baptized with water to wash away sins while Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit to comfort us, guide us to the truth, remind us of His teachings, inspire us with the right words to say and give us power.

When I recently purchased a new vehicle, it came equipped with the electronics to communicate with a satellite out in space for flawless radio reception. However, to actually experience the technology imbedded deep within my dashboard, I had to make a conscious decision to activate my account. We work to follow Jesus’ teaching to establish a kingdom on earth by activating the Holy Spirit within us—the Spirit that we receive as a christening gift at baptism to be our counselor, our comforter and our guide. And there’s no activation fee—the price has already been paid. So may the love of the Father, the grace of the Son and the communion of the Spirit be with you always.

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