Sunday, October 27, 2013


Warmth of Fire, Seagrove, NC

Isn’t it interesting how we human beings can establish a relationship with our creator and then backslide away from it? Even the ancient Israelites as a chosen nation drifted away from their creator God who withdrew His protection and they were ultimately invaded and carried away into slavery in a foreign land.

We can find warmth close to a blazing fire, but the further we walk away from the flames, the colder we become. Likewise, we can find abundant light close to a bright lamp, but the further we drift away from it the darker our world becomes. If we move into a garden of scented roses and honeysuckle, the sweet aroma fills the air all around us, but the further we amble away, the fainter the fragrance becomes.

So it would seem that we can develop a close relationship with our Heavenly Father as a son or daughter. But we have a nature that can cause us to drift away if we do not stay close to the source of our life. And we stay close by remaining in daily communication and plugging into the power source, so that our life remains firmly on track between the navigational stars on our circular trips around the sun.

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