Saturday, August 17, 2013


Emitting Light into the Darkness, Chicago, IL

Throughout history we’ve all read about how a king has sent a trusted emissary on a mission that is critical to the survival of the kingdom. In my mind, I can picture one of King Arthur’s knights riding out the castle doors on a muscular white steed adorned with colorful silk fabrics and banners. This gallant knight has spent years training and working for just such an assignment as he ventures out into the harsh world to serve his king. His subsequent adventures turn out to be the stuff legends are made of in our lives.

The prophet Isaiah was just such an emissary to our creator who knew that the faith that is begun in darkness is grown in the Light. He related an Old Testament mission that the Lord had anointed him to proclaim: A Messiah was to bring renewal and release to people hurting materially and spiritually. He would bring good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim release and liberation for captives, provide comfort and joy to all who mourn and raise up hope for the discouraged. Jesus affirmed that mission in his words and actions throughout the New Testament. As He ascended into heaven after his resurrection, the King of the world left all disciples with the Great Commission to do likewise. We do this by being a light upon a hill. And by following Jesus’ teaching to spread that Light of Life out into the world our fellow journeymen will not walk in darkness, but walk along a straight path in the eternal Light of our Heavenly Father(John 8:12).

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