Sunday, January 6, 2013


Winter Sunflowers, Greensboro, NC

Earlier this year, in the midst of summer, I happened upon one of those “lucky moments” of catching a mature field of bright yellow sunflowers in full bloom at sunset. All of their shining faces were upright and eagerly absorbed the life-giving rays of Light. It was truly a “field of dreams”, bright with the expectation of full life and warm sunshine. Now, we have entered the fallow season of winter and the blooms are gone. The green leaves have turned brown and the seed pods are acquiescing to the cycle of life. All of nature has withdrawn and the distant stand of trees is strangely quiet as cool sunbeams peer over the western horizon.

At first glance, the sunflowers look defeated and decimated—my first draft of this blog was entitled “Field of Broken Dreams”. Their heads are lowered and lifeless. The vibrancy of the colorful field of dreams has passed and yielded to a more solemn and darkened landscape. But if you take the time to ponder the scene and look closely, these sunny spirits have actually fulfilled the promise and purpose of their lives and are now in quiet repose. Although it appears that the dream has been shattered and broken, perhaps they are simply bowed in reverence and praise for the full lives that I was fortunate to witness. The Light that permeated every facet of the sunny field is now encapsulated in the promise of every seed head that has matured and patiently awaits the renewing Light of Life that will arrive on southerly winds with the first warming rays of the coming spring.

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