Saturday, July 7, 2012


Chagall Celebration, Chicago, IL

Most all of us celebrate some of the bigger milestones in our lives like our birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, child birth, etc. But we should also be acknowledging those little victories in our lives that all too often go unnoticed like an improved report card, acing a final exam, breaking 100 or 80 in golf, finishing that first week of school or the new job, successfully driving the family car around the block, moving to our first home away from home, running our first marathon, a good medical report, etc.

We see in life what we look for and we can always see both the positive and negative energies that surround our every waking day. Many times the negative aspects get our attention simply because of their need for immediate action. That distracts us from seeing the positives in life that round out the balance in the universe. So if we’re on the lookout for them, we’ll begin to understand that we have a lot to be thankful for in this life. And sometimes, that can include those things we do NOT have in life. By celebrating these positive life experiences with family and friends, we share the good vibes and pass them on to others. If that’s not possible, it’s still important to hoist a nice glass of wine and offer up a prayer of thanks to assure that the moment does not escape unnoticed and has a continuing influence on our life view.

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