Monday, February 13, 2012


Rolling in the Deep, Destin, FL
Waves I & II, Carolina Beach, NC

It’s been said that God is a conscious spiritual being and we humans are conscious mortal beings with a spiritual soul. The creator of this universe also permeates every corner of this sea of consciousness as wave after wave of human beings are created out to sea, transfer energy from point to point as we relentlessly travel to the far shores, and dissipate as we reach the beaches of our final destiny. Interestingly, surface waves travel through space and time towards distant shores while the points on the surface follow circular or orbital paths. This phenomenon can be observed as the wave curls upon the shore, expending its energy. Our lives also follow a variety of circular paths as we answer the call to adventure in this earthly existence. God is impossible to completely comprehend or describe, but one analogy is that he is the sea of being from which all waves emanate. The Kingdom of God has been described as the Ultimate Reality and the ancient practice of mindfulness and prayer can enable us to touch the water within the waves. Achieving this peaceful state can facilitate detaching ourselves from any concern about the coming and going of the waves as we strive to live in the present moment, rolling in the deep.

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