Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Inspector Number Two, Greensboro, NC

I got a really good summer sale deal today on a dress shirt that was actually sized on the fringes for my present body shape. I was a bit suspicious though, having spent the majority of my professional career in the apparel business. I’ve heard of folks out there that don’t always put the correct size labels on garments. Then it’s up the last line of defense, that lonesome quality control inspector, who only measures and inspects a random number of finished product based on a statistical sampling plan, loosely based on the amount of pressure at the present moment to ship every piece in the plant.

So, I was quite relieved (perhaps a poor choice of words) to notice that the infamous Inspector Number Two had checked and apparently passed my new bargain dress shirt with a flying color (perhaps another dubious choice). The ubiquitous Inspector Number Two apparently moves around the world faster than the bird flu, as this time Number Two was operating out of Malaysia. Over the years, I’ve purchased other products that were passed (perhaps a thankfully final dubious choice) by Inspector Number Two and they seemed just fine, thank you very much. Although we’ve seemingly only passed as ships in the night on many occasions, Number Two and I seem to be moving through life together on a pretty regular schedule (sorry).

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