Sunday, July 17, 2011


Lamb of God, St. Louis, MO

Our Carolina church celebrates old time “camp meeting” services for a few Sundays in the summer time. We sing old time gospels and imagine folks gathered in gingham dresses and shirts goin’ down to the river to worship from their small church in the wildwood. At the conclusion of his sermon this morning, our new pastor even asked any who felt the need to come forward to kneel and pray at the altar to alter their lives and receive God’s healing touch. And folks of all ages and probable reasons did come forward to be closer to the sweet, sweet spirit of their creator to receive His blessing. As the kneeling rails were vacated, I noticed the young little blond girl sitting next to me nudging her parents. She then reached into the busy bag they had carried with them into the pew and retrieved a small, well-loved, wide-eyed, white lamb. Then the four of them made their way up to the altar and kneeled to pray, as the little girl placed the little lamb at the altar among the family. The symbolism was quite touching as the Lamb of God revealed His presence within the tie that binds that family and our congregation in fellowship to shed His grace among all of us on a bright summer’s morn down by the riverside.

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