Thursday, December 16, 2010


Eiffel Tower at Dusk, Paris, France
Foggy Night Tower, Paris, France

We arrived in Paris in late spring. The days were pleasant and rainy. The nights were shrouded in fog. We knew that our hotel was in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, and we were pleasantly surprised to walk outside on the balcony to discover that the imposing structure was within easy view. So, my wife and I decided to walk over to the tower after dinner. Fog had crept into the city while were in the restaurant and a damp chill was in the air. As we strolled in the direction of the tower, the large city structures with their unmistakable mansard roof lines along with the thickening fog obscured our view of the horizon.

Our seemingly innocent stroll was beginning to turn into a quest for the holy grail of tourism as we moved through the city streets. And then just when we were beginning to suspect that we might be walking in the wrong direction, the ethereal image of the lighted tower emerged down a side street to our right. It literally glowed in the foggy mist and stood in the darkness like a towering knight guarding the king’s palace. The looming ethereal image was reminiscent of an impressionist painting at the Louvre along the Seine just east of us.

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