Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Presenting the Check, Kansas City, Mo.

What if you had just won the biggest lottery of the year? The prize consists of a daily bank deposit of $86,400 in your account each and every day. The prize comes with only two rules: You only have that day to spend each deposit--anything not spent is forfieted. The lottery comission has the option to cancel the deposits at any time.

Wouldn't you try to spend every dollar on yourself and those you care about? And since you'd still have something left, wouldn't you also try to help out others that are not so fortunate? Actually, all of us are winners! In reality, we all get exactly 86,400 seconds as a gift of life every day we awake on this planet. That gift of time is infinitely more precious than money. Use it well. Live life to the fullest. Take care of yourself and others. Live in the moment, for that is where life unfolds.

And time waits for no man, until the brief moment it stops to fix the second date on your memorial stone. Hopefully, that date represents your second birthdate.

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